Just as the name suggests, our programs are SAFER. We want to be sure that our athletes are free from injury and harm during their workouts. Too often athletes try too hard, lift too much or go too far with their training programs, causing negative results. We will carefully construct and supervise a program that will increase results and minimize risk. During the initial Assessment Session, we will observe and discuss with the athlete many aspects of their health and goals so that we can prepare the specific SAFER Training Program for that athlete. In doing so, we will include the following five components:


To assess and improve each young athlete’s strength geared towards their respective goals and sport.

1. Resistance Training
2. Core Development
3. Stabilization Programs and Exercises


Whether the young athlete is an offensive linemen, hockey player or baseball pitcher, the ability to accelerate in a fast and effective manner is critical to improved performance. Many say that “speed” cannot be taught. In most instances, it is “acceleration” that matters in sports, not straightaway speed. We can make you “explosive” off the ball, down the line, on your skates, or to the net.

1. Use training parachute
2. Proper techniques for acceleration
3. Development of anticipation, the key to speed


Perhaps the single most important feature in staying injury free is the ability to be flexible. Too often strength training robs an athlete of his ability to utilize his body in the most effective way, causing injury or poor performance. Maintaining a strong, yet flexible body is the key to success in sports. To reach this goal, we will prepare you properly.

1. Lengthen your muscles
2. Develop an individualized stretching regimen
3. Analyze your “sport moves” to insure that your movements are not injurious. There is a proper way to throw,

serve, shoot the puck, block and tackle, all of which require a supple body, proper footwork and proper technique.


Do you want to own the 4th Quarter, the last set, the overtime periods? Sure you do. Invariably, it is how you perform at the end of a game or match, and not how you start, that matters. Endurance is created though proper training, proper diet, and proper approaches to your individual sport. We can make that happen for you and we will devise the best way to foster endurance in each and every young athlete.


This might be the most important part of an athlete’s training program. This program will design and teach you how to use specific techniques to help your body recover from your training program and allow you to get the most out of your body.

1. Foam rolling
2. Ice baths
3. Tiger tail
4. Stretching
5. Sleep


Once The SAFER Sports Training Program has been prepared for the athlete, we will establish a schedule of sessions to initiate and undertake the Program. The athlete has the option of utilizing home training provided he attends a session at least once a week so that we can insure that The Program is being properly deployed and to monitor progress. This may assist the athlete in controlling costs. However, even the most diligent athlete would benefit from more sessions in the gym under our watchful eye.


Every four weeks, the athlete shall have a 20 minute evaluation session with us, during which we will administer several tests, measurements and undertakings. Thereafter The Program for that athlete for the following month may be altered or amended.


The cost of an Assessment and Program Formulation is $_________.
The cost of each Execution session (whether private or up to 4 in a class) is $_________.
A session is 55 minutes in length.
Each Evaluation is free. We really want to make sure that this is working properly, so this is on us.