Who is the SAFER Sports Training Program for?

The SAFER Sports Training Program is geared towards advancing the training needs of young athletes, prep and collegiate, as they progress in their desire to become more involved in their sport and better able to compete at a higher level. Yet, the parents, siblings, friends and colleagues of the young athlete could easily adapt the SAFER Sports Training Program for their use.

Who operates the SAFER Sports Training Program?

DAVID LAZAROFF — David has moved back to St. Louis after several years in Columbia where he played and worked on the staff of the University of Missouri Football Team. As a graduate of Chaminade College Preparatory School, David is familiar with and interested in the development of young athletes in the Greater St. Louis area. David is familiar with the time and resource limitations that confront a young athlete and also their desire to improve and succeed.

Where is the SAFER Sports Training Program being offered?

SWEAT, a gym located at 8111 Maryland Avenue, Clayton, Mo 63105. David can also arrange to meet your prep group or team at another facility if that is required or preferable.

What is the cost of the SAFER Sports Training Program?

SAFER Sports Training is not a “one-size fits all” program, so pricing will vary based upon the size of the group and the services requested. In each case, though, each participant will be evaluated and will be presented a development plan designed to achieve each aspect of the SAFER Sports Training program. The cost of the evaluation and the preparation of the plan is $____. Group sessions at SWEAT, where the young athlete is monitored tracked and pushed through his/her program, are $____/person. The cost of sessions outside SWEAT or individual sessions will be quoted based upon the current circumstances.

How do I get started in the SAFER Sports Training Program?

You need to contact David, either at david@safersportstraining.com or by calling him at 314.971.1175. He will then sign you up and then you should be ready to work hard and recover harder!